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“I walked in expecting blind spots in our offering but received 10x more. We obtained clear and actionable feedback on our product, delivery, marketing, positioning and strategy. I couldn’t have sourced this level of feedback and insights on my own in 6 months.”

Manjula Higginbotham - Fortune 100 Exec

We Sell Certainty

We connect you with decision makers in your target market you can’t reach. They score your product concept in a risk-free environment.

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Do You Know Your Product’s Purchase Propensity ScoreTM?

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Reach your target Decision Makers

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Adjust the product roadmap with confidence

*Our clients only need to budget, approximately, 5-8 hours (over four weeks) to successfully prepare for their face to face sessions with independent customer executives from their target market. 

40 Days to Product Confidence


What to Expect

The team of product experts assigned to your sprint begin one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders to ensure organizational alignment and develop the internal scorecard. In tandem, we source highly relevant decision makers to participate in the One Day workshops on Day 30.

These decision makers are busy running their own departments and do not readily consult. But they trust The Austin Agency to bring them curated projects in relevant technologies to analyze.


What to Expect

In face to face conversations you pitch and present to the decision makers. We collect the valuable feedback, aggregate the scores and secure additional anonymous insights on your behalf.


What to Expect

We stay with you through the entire process, working with you to create custom collateral to use with your key stakeholders. We create the slides, scores and recordings you need to adjust your product road map with confidence.

Know You're On Track

Predicting Success

Product Confidence

We facilitate a dialogue between key executives and the marketplace in our One Day workshop. Your team will leave with relationships, data, and confidence to grow your business.

Market Traction

We source decision makers from your ideal buyer profile who will listen to your presentation and score your concept. This de-risks and accelerates your product success.

Organizational Alignment

We align your organization for a successful product launch.

“The Austin Agency facilitated relationships with our industries’ largest consumer and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers. Key learning: stay away from the consumer IoT side of the market. This was counter-intuitive at the time as this segment was getting all the hype. This critical insight, confirmed by senior decision makers in companies such as Schneider Electric, Cisco,USAA, Direct Energy, and British Telecom, saved us an incredible amount of time and money!”

Alton Martin - SVP Trusource Labs*

*2016 Fastest-Growing Business in Austin

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Since 2012 The Austin Agency has built over 1000 Power Relationships for our clients with ideal customer executives in their target market. We source these relationships so that the right people, have the right conversations at the right time. Our Market Validation Program drives product confidence, organizational alignment and market traction for Product People.

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