Disruption as a Service™

What Decision Do You Need To Pressure Test?


In a world fueled by aggressive competition, we constitute a Ghost Team, taking on the role of a phantom competitor aggressively looking to disrupt your core business, industry, or your competition. We'll help you identify areas in your market and critical businesses where you can grow and innovate before a third party beats you to the punch.

Our methodology, Disruption as a Service, enables a corporation to pressure test, operationalize, and accelerate any high-profile growth or innovation initiative by one to four quarters. This approach allows established companies to operate at startup speed while leveraging their enterprise resources.

“The superpower was the opportunity to test our concept against real competitive
alternatives in a gamified context. This accelerated our learning by six months to a year.”

Senior Product Leader - CISCO

Dream Bigger

We rigorously test your ideas, strategies, and value propositions by pitching them to actual decision-makers from your target market in a “Shark Tank” environment. Their domain expertise allows us to bypass much of the “discovery” phase and move straight into action.

Pressure Test Your AI Strategy And Roadmap
Pressure Test Your Strategy Without Risking Reputation Or Betting The Farm
Develop A Contender Brand Response Playbook
Pressure Test Your Product Market/ Message Fit
Pressure Test & Pilot Product Launch
Conduct Revenue War Games – Teams Competing To Capture Market Share
Pressure Test Your Messaging And Positioning

Hi Reuben, I loved your session for SAP today; it
was so full of wisdom that it will keep me inspired for a long time!

Head of Marketing Transformation Office - SAP (VP)

Since 2012, The Austin Agency has built an estimated one thousand power relationships for our clients with key decision makers at the Director, Vice President and C-level in companies like:

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