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Reuben Abootorabi, the founder of The Austin Agency, woke up one morning in the summer of 2018 with a question seared in his mind… What would it take to transform established corporations into startups? How can organizations with hundreds and thousands of employees innovate at startup speed, with enterprise resources? Would it be possible to have multinationals pivot in weeks… not quarters?

Since 2012, The Austin Agency had built a reputation as the company you team with when you needed to reach Directors, VPs, and C-level execs in some of the most prestigious companies in the world. TAA’s hunters were adept at teaming the right solutions with the right audience by helping “Davids” take on the “Goliaths” in their respective industries. Now the Agency’s mission had turned around. Could “Goliath” fend off aggressive intruders, the “Davids”, and win market share in the process.

To explore this concept the TAA team decided to play around with the concept of controlled disruption. Could TAA act as a Hollywood agent and secure our clients the right meetings at the right time with the right decision-makers? Maybe these timely experiences, in fact, could make an incumbent recession-proof?  If possible, it would have to be a methodology with a scale that could cater to thousands of employees without eating up a substantial amount of their precious time. Speed was key to pulling this off. The result was Antifragile: Disruption as a Skillset™ (DaaS).  Over the course of 4-weeks, DaaS allows corporations to turn sales, marketing, product, and finance leaders into intrapreneurs by wargaming with decision-makers from their target market to accelerate innovation and defend market share.

About The Austin Agency

The Austin Agency (TAA) has built over 1000 power relationships with key decision-makers for their clients at companies like General Motors, Apple, Virgin, Dow Chemicals, AT&T, and General Electric to mention a few. TAA helps leaders in mid-size to large enterprises drive internal alignment to grow through market shocks and unexpected turbulence.   Their work has been used to pressure test value propositions and business cases for companies like Cisco Systems. They have also provided companies like Dell Technologies executives with a series of powerful outside-in market perspectives. As a team with a passion to see established players pivot and innovate in weeks, not quarters, the Austin Agency prides itself on the powerful and unique methodologies they have created to drive growth for their clients.

First Step: Antifragile SWOT

“Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better.”

Nassim TalebAuthor of Antifragile; Things That Gain from Disorder

Validate 0:39

Test Your +$100-Million Idea

Mobilize 0:34

Refine The Pitch That Disrupts The Competition

Wargames 0:38

Pressure-Test Your Billion Dollar Growth Strategy


Disruption as a Skillset

In these three videos, we expose enterprises to our principles of becoming intrapreneurial by teaching your leaders how to disrupt themselves and innovate. Each 12-15 minute segment includes practical tools and insights on how to think like an entrepreneur. Sales, marketing, product and finance leaders who play our wargames learn how to become antifragile and align for growth.

Validate 16:03

Mobilize 12:37

Wargames 14:23

Since 2012, The Austin Agency has built over a thousand power relationships for our clients with key decision makers at the Director, Vice President and C-level in companies like:

I walked in expecting blind spots in our offering but received 10x more. We obtained clear and actionable feedback on our product, delivery, marketing, positioning and strategy. I couldn’t have sourced this level of feedback and insights on my own in 6 months.

Manjula HigginbothamFortune 100 Executive

These critical insights, confirmed by senior decision makers in companies such as Schneider Electric, Cisco,USAA, Direct Energy, and British Telecom, saved us an incredible amount of time and money! There is no need to fly blind. The Austin Agency can help you cut through the noise and obtain tremendous strategic clarity and valuable market relationships that provide strong competitive advantages.

Alton MartinSenior Vice-President

The Austin Agency helped ITCA better understand the market and further strengthen our
message. The project team followed through on their promises. Through the Austin Agency, we were able to enter into new markets and reach key
decision makers that were previously out of range. The ROI on the Austin Agency was over 300%.

Chris LuijtenCEO & Founder

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